Monday, November 8, 2010

Client L.

The main thing that struck me about my client John the Banker was the artifact he is bringing with him to the apartment. His 80" flat screen T.V. was something I couldn't even fathom in size and I figured something that big , coupled by his love for satellite T.V. and radio, had to be an important aspect of his life when he was home from his high profile banking job.

And so, my design concept for this two-bedroom apartment became puzzle pieces. Everything in the apartment needs to piece itself around this bachelor's television in an aesthetic manner.This puzzle piece idea is going to transfer from the centrality of the T.V. to the interlocking nature of the furnishings and other elements within the space.

Client o.

Linda and Ken are collectors: their artifact is a collection of 1000 CDs, they are in a bowling league, and they are in a ballroom dancing club. After reading this client profile I assumed they would have accumulated quite alot more things than the CD collection. So I decided to go with the approach of turning their home into a "living museum", much like that of Sir John Soane. In public spaces like living room and kitchen I will display trophies, photos, and CDs as well as treat these spaces as displays themselves by means of level changes and color changes.

Friday, November 5, 2010

HighRise Beginings

Floor Plan of Centre Point Highrise to represent 15th floor and similar 16th floor. For this project we as designers must design a 3 bedroom flat and a 2 bedroom flat for two very different clients. Spaces must also include some form of 2 story space.

Meet the Clients:

Client L.
Name: John
Age: 37
Occupation: Banker

Divorced with 1 Child
+ No Pets
+ Hobbies include kick-boxing and stamp collecting
+ Watches satellite TV
+Listens to satellite Radio
+ Community Activities include going to Sports Bars
+ He moved to this area for a swinging bachelor pad feel.
+ Favorite Greensboro Restaurant is the Natty Greens

Artifact: 80" Flat Screen TV

Client o.
Name: Linda & Ken
Ages: 37 & 38
Occupations: Photographer & Attorney

+ They are married with 3 kids and 1 grandchild
+ They have 2 calico cats
+ She likes sewing, he likes antique book collecting
+ She watches Martha Stewart, he watches ESPN
+ She likes to listen to Big Band Music, he likes to listen to Rock & Roll
+ Their community activities include Ballroom Dancing Club and a local bowling league
+ They moved here because there friends moved here.
+ Favorite Restaurant in Greensboro is Table 16 Avenue

Artifacts: 1,000 CDs

Other Drawings from Ranch

Drawings that did not make the final presentation: