Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final Submission Boards

These are the final displays that I sent in for the International Design Award 2011. They were due on January 31st and I sent them in on January 28th.

Thank goodness it is finished!

Polished Podium Shots with Figures

These renderings are meant to highlight the furniture system, the figures help the viewer see the scale of these seating arrangements and the other components of the room (flooring, walls, & windows) just bring a sense of light, shadow, and material being portrayed.

Details of Furniture Componets

Back View of Base and Seats

Front View of Base with Seats

Side View of Base and Seat

Front Base View
Connector Table

Podium Process II

The podium renderings I did in order to visualize the furniture system in a space rather than on a platform or on it's own. Process entails color change, creation of connecting end table, and possible combination of the base, end table, & seat.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketch-Up & Podium Process

At this point the chair style itself has taken on a change in appearance while the overall concept of sliding modular seats and cantilever base are constant.