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Honors Project - Layered Rock Formations

15 Properties: 3 Bedroom HighRise

15 Properties of Design by Alexander
The properties that apply to my 3 bedroom high rise design

2. Strong Centers- Raised areas like the living room and dining room spaces are emphasized within the larger open space and create centers where inhabitants can go to.

3. Boundaries- Boundaries within the space are not physical, but are designated through change in materials, change in floor planes, and change in ceiling planes in order to alert clients of change in space or function.

4. Alternating Repetition- Repetition occurs in patterns of colors used on the walls of the space and re-occurring wallpapers as well as materials that carry on through many of the interior spaces.

9. Contrast- Contrast of warm neutral colors like the wood in the space against a warm color scheme on certain walls of the spaces create visual interest where there is not items on display in spaces or on walls.

11. Gradients- Gradients are created by slight changes in floor and ceiling elevation to indicate space and function changes within an open floor plan.

13. The Void- This property is found in the hall/open area of the interior between the kitchen, living, and dining areas. It does not have its own level change or designation of space and is left an open void to encourage dancing and movement that the clients tend to participate in.

6. Good Shape- Found in the custom shelving designs used to house artifacts and other elements that make a living museum of achievements for the clients. It creates a centerpiece that is to be observed as well as the items it contains.

10. Roughness- This property can be explained through the varying use of streamline surfaces and curved traditional furniture forms selected for the space, taking history and present together in a sort of exhibit within the home.

15. Non-Separateness- This is observed in the circulation that is encountered when one first enters the space, there are no physical boundaries as one moves through the kitchen and hall spaces, even more so when they head for the private spaces, which have boundaries but are off the main flow of circulation.

15 Properties: 2 Bedroom HighRise

15 Properties of Design by Alexander
The properties that apply to my 2 bedroom high rise design
12. Echoes- An example of this property is in that all the rooms and spaces are angled in order to center on the 80” flat screen TV that the client brings with him to the space.

1. Levels of Scale- This property is addressed in the varying levels that are present in the kitchen/dining area, the office cube, and the TV lounge. Levels varying in height with lighting built in and assigned in different colors make up the kitchen, the office cube contains its own more intimate scale for a quiet work environment, and the varying scales of the shelving make up different levels to create visual interest.

2. Strong Centers- This idea is present in the central idea of everything revolving around the positioning of the clients 80” flat screen TV. Having all these things radiating from one area creates a strong center which inhabitants are drawn to.

3. Boundaries- Physical boundaries are present among the private spaces within the interior while visual boundaries marked by color and material dominant the public space depending upon function.

8. Deep Interlock and Ambiguity- Appears in the custom shelving design centered around the strong center, the large TV the client brought with him. These shelf forms interlock with the shape of the TV and frame it in a way that is functional to the technology used with the TV and please due to it’s form and coloring.

15. Non-Separateness- Is present in the open floor plan of the public spaces in the interior. Centers like the TV area merge with the kitchen and dining area in a way that makes them all flow together.

HighRise 2 Story Space

Preliminary sketches of Foyer Space

My take on the two-story foyer space my partner Young and I chose to incorporate in our designs on the high-rise. My clients enter in from the second story of this space and his clients enter in from the first story of this space, there is also an exit out onto the 15th floor hallway as another path of egress out in case of fire.

This space is to encourage interaction between the inhabitants of our high-rise spaces on the 15th and 16th floors. There is a direct view to the outside of the space as well as plenty of wall space for our clients to display things. (Ex: One of my clients is a photographer so she could hang her pictures to personalize or create a dialog point.)

Floor plan from upper floor to lower floor of community foyer.

HighRise Boards

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honors Project - Progress Board

Honors Project - Concept Development

Modular Seating By Molo Design

For this submission I chose to do furniture design within the living room functioning genre. Thinking about future design and what concepts and functions this will encompass I chose to stick close to the idea of move-able yet functional pieces that can be changed to meet the needs of the person using them. Not all consumers are the same so why should all furniture be made the same, furniture should be able to adapt to user needs depending on space it occupies and the amount of people using it.
John A. Marshall Co.

So in this submission my goal is to create a seating environment that is multi-functional for all situation that may arise in a residential or commercial atmosphere. Seating that can be connected or separate and can be used with existing furnishings that the owner may have as well. This design must also be functional while aesthetically pleasing, a couch is not a couch if one cannot sit on it.

Yang Modular Seating By Ligne Roset